BloG: My Writing Experiment

Hello Curious Web Traveller!

If you came here looking for more information about writing or self-publishing, might I interest you in checking out the "Blog" tab on this website.  I recently conducted a writing experiment to document what it would be like to just try and write a minimum of 500 words of fiction per day.  The blog starts with "My Writing Experiment" (dated May 1st, 2018) and then I title nearly all of the following posts "Day 2", "Day 3" and so on.  If you are looking for motivation to write or just want to share in the struggles of balancing work, family and other commitments with the desire to write and put something out for the world to read, check out the blog.

About Cameron Clark

Radio morning show host turned entrepreneur, Cameron M. Clark graduated with honors from Southern Utah University with a Bachelor of Science in Communications. Clark went on to become the top-rated radio personality in two Utah radio markets before moving to southern Nevada. 

After arriving in Las Vegas, Clark began to learn professional services marketing. For nearly 10 years, Clark has been the primary business development force behind a locally-owned professional services firm in southern Nevada with increased profits year after year. In 2011, Clark became a business partner and part-owner of the professional services firm in Las Vegas which he previously and currently marketed for throughout Nevada. 

In 2016, Clark sold his company and joined a national organization as their lead business development manager for the southern Nevada region.  After a successful year with the national organization,  Clark returned to his roots to head up the business development arm of his old company. 

He resides in Las Vegas with his wife and three children.