The Great Big Quote Books Series

I don't know about you, but I have always loved new quotes and ideas from great thinkers in history.  These books are passion projects.  I've always enjoyed writing and I was excited to see Amazon giving independent, free spirits like myself a chance to create our own material and share it with the world in such an easy-to-publish format.  


This was the first of my 'Great Big Quote Books' projects and it is probably the bestselling book of all of my books.  

With over 365 motivational quotes on fitness from Fitness & Health thought leaders like Tony Horton, Kim Lyons, Deepak Chopra, Denise Austin, Chalene Johnson, Chris Powell and so many more, you can't go wrong giving this as a gift to your significant other or a personal training client!

Available in print or digital formats.



This makes a wonderful resource for when you are stuck looking for the right thing to say about love, faith, patience and relationships.  

Packed with over 401 inspirational quotes from people like Marcus Aurelius, M. Scott Peck, Oprah Winfrey, Doreen Virtue, Gerald Jampolsky and so many more, I guarantee you will find at least one or two quotes you'd never seen or read anywhere else in this classic book.

Available in print and digital formats. 


If you need a boost in the arm on a regular basis to be inspired to take that next big leap or to just keep working hard to make your dreams happen, this is the book for you.

Over 501 of some of the most powerful quotes ever shared in business, wealth-building and success, this is a fantastic resource for anyone looking to be inspired.  

Featuring quotes from successful influencers like Brian Tracy and Stephen R. Covey to powerfully successful people like Michael Jordan and Winston Churchill.

Available in digital and print formats.