Day 22: Some Good Things Happening

Crazy day!  I haven't mentioned this, but apparently the real estate market is super hot right now. I put my house up for sale on Friday and multiple offers have come in.  We ended up choosing the one that suited our situation best and are planning to close within the next 45 days or so.  That distraction should be partly wrapped up today.  

People are always asking if we're planning to buy again.  I laugh somewhat.  Finally, after overpaying for our house in a predatory loan (we got modified about 4 years ago), we were able to gain equity and now it is happening so quickly and people are getting so agitated about the "exciting" real estate market that it seemed like a good time to make an exit.  Will the RE market crash again like it did in 2007?  

I don't know.

And I don't think so.

So, why not buy right now?  Because, we have a few debts to pay at the moment.  Also, after the last roller coaster ride that was 11 years of owning this house (including my business partners playing games with my earnings the last couple years I owned my old company), we felt trapped.  This time, I don't want to feel tied down.  Don't get me wrong, we could have dropped the house at any point.  The problem is that my wife and I are not those kinds of people.  If we made a contract and we were able to pay the monthly mortgage (and we could), we did so.  It sucked, but we did it.  If the real estate market gains for another year or two and then stagnates rather than crashes, plummets or even coasts down, so be it.  I can always buy another house and work to build equity.  However, it is really hard to sell a house (without short selling) when you have zero equity and your mortgage is 250% of the value of your home.  No joke.  

Did we ask for handouts from good ol' Uncle Sam?  We sniffed around, but nobody was buying.  They saw us as the useful idiots.  At least that's how it felt all those years watching my mortgage bill outpace the resale value of my home. 

But enough of that.  

You want to know about my writing.  Today was pretty productive.  Story B is a good one with some great developments.  I would guesstimate that I am at the midpoint in this story.  It takes place in Paris and should end in Russia.  Certain famous folks from the early 20th Century show up in the story.  I'm excited for you to read it.

Starting Word Total: 21 779

Finishing Word Total: 22 504

Final Daily Word Total: 725