Day 7: My wife's graduation and birthday

I am truly grateful to be married to an understanding wife.  

It is her birthday today and also her graduation from Arizona State University.  She earned a BA in History.  Yes, it has taken her a number of years, but she never gave up.  Sometimes it seemed harder and more formidable than I think either of us anticipated, but she continued onward.

Today was the graduation ceremony at Chase Field.  It was huge and highly populated.  Add to that the fact that today was her birthday.  Thankfully, she is a rather low maintenance person in this area.  She was fine to have a nice meal, get some cards, some affection from the kids and the promise of being able to spend money on the things she wanted to buy in anticipation of a big trip we will be taking later this month.

In the meantime, I have been working to get my 500 plus words done today.  It was not an easy go and interestingly, I had to split the project up into two big chunks.  The first was in the early afternoon when I had about 20 minutes at my disposal. I was able to get just over 300 words written.  Then I dove in tonight at 11:15 to complete the remaining part of the daily output.  I got a little carried away and continued with more writing.  I couldn't stop except to update you and keep this consistent.  

Anyway, it's done for the day.  Below is my report:

Daily Starting Total: 12 568

Daily Finishing Total: 13 227

Daily Word Total: 659