Day 12: Nooooooooooooo!!!

Oh man, it's a good thing I'm not fully OCD.  Don't get me wrong, everyone in society today thinks they are a bit Obsessive Compulsive and I don't see myself as exempt.  The good news is that I can let certain things slide, like not hitting "Save & Publish" on the post I wrote yesterday after pushing just over 600 words out while feeling like total crap. 

I mean, I had come down with cold-like symptoms within about two hours last night around 7:00 or so and by 9:00, I could barely stand upright.  Nevertheless, at around 10:00 pm, I pulled my MacBook Pro onto my lap and wrote just over 500 words on this secret project I've been churning out every day.  The good news is that I hit "save" on that, so it's not work that was forgotten.  The bad news is that over here on the blog, you might be thinking this is a contrived blog post because I allowed one day to pass.  Think what you want.  I'm good.  However, I did write a blog post that would have highlighted (without drawing direct attention to it), my stoic nature of just pushing forward and making sure I get things done.

Oh well.  Regardless of the conclusion you draw, here is my report for yesterday's writing:

Starting Total Word Count: 16 162

Finishing Total Word Count: 16 723

Daily Word Count: 561